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Regularly drinking some herbal teas may help maintain healthy blood pressure. Du’s Ancient diet tea seems to be the most effective in lowering high blood pressure and maintaining it at a healthy level. It helps relieves high blood pressure caused by vertigo and insomnia.

Some other teas, such as Gu-Lan Ancient diet tea and Ni-Tea (Calming herbal tea) have also shown to help relax the coronary blood vessels and arterial walls and lower blood pressure. Resveratrol would be the best choice if suffering from low blood pressure problems.

# 1 Recommendation 5 +
Du's tea is highly recommended for high blood pressure. It also helps relieve hypertension caused by vertigo and insomnia. Guide: 2 cups a day throughout the day, at least 20 minutes apart from medications. Caffeine: 0%
Du’s tree belongs to an ancient plant class and is over 2 million years old. The tree is commonly referred to as “The Living Fossil” by modern geologists. The leaves and bark from the Du’s tree has been recorded in ‘Herbal Canon’ and ‘Compendium of Material Medical’ as being “The Rare Healing Materials”. Modern scientists discovered they have tremendous health benefits, which may be the answers to man kinds high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes...
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# 2 Recommendation 4 / 5
Gu-Lan tea is recommended for high cholesterol. It also helps produce better results for hypertension when using along with Du's Tea. Guide: 1 cup at night after meal before bed, if using Du's Tea during the day time. Caffeine: 0%
During the period of the ancient Silk Road, traders prepared a tea by using spices sourced from all over East Asia to keep themselves healthy and energetic, free from illness and disease in the harsh environment and irregular high fat diet on their journey to the West. Modern scientists discovered the tea is rich in health promoting nutrients, which may be the answers to the questions on man kinds high cholesterol, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, cancers, reproductive systems, libido, immunity etc...
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# 3 Recommendation 3 / 5
Ni-Tea is a night drink helps promote quality sleep. It also helps detoxify the body and maintains healthy blood pressure throughout the night. It can be used in combination with Du's Tea for hypertension. Guide: 1 cup at night before bed.
Ni-Tea consists of soothing, healing properties of the various herbs. This natural night drink is sought after for its ability to soothe the anxieties that are keeping you awake, relieve the body stress, rejuvenate your mind and bring you a deep and restful night’s sleep, safely and naturally, so you wake up feeling completely refreshed and full of energy. Additionally, the nutrients in the tea carry tremendous health benefits, which may offer support on man kinds nervous system, heart ...
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These teas are formulated for other health benefits. They may also be helpful for a natural hypertension diet.
Wu-Long Diet Tea
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Wu-Long diet tea is a unique combination of ingredients working synergistically for efficient weight reduction. Along with weight loss, it contains many other health benefits including help reducing high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.
3 / 5
Weight Loss | High Blood Pressure
Okinawa Tea
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Okinawa tea is delicious and very rich in powerful, health promoting nutrients, including catechins and the EGCG. It is a are powerful natural diabetes solution. Internationally acclaimed, it helps in reducing blood sugar and also high blood pressure.
3 / 5
Diabetes | High Blood Pressure

Natural Tea Diet for High Blood Pressure
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  • "My favorite product as always. I cannot stop telling everyone about it."
  • "It is refreshing to deal with someone who is both professional and courteous."
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